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Discover places to visit and what to do in Buenos Aires


Travel to Buenos Aires will make you discover Federal Capital districts. All of them are rich, among its inhabitants, you will be charmed by the architectural beauty of this cosmopolitan city. The proposed apartments are located in all of the disctricts so that you can choose the better place to stay.

Though, many choices to such many place to visit! Fortunately your accommodation will always be perfectly communicated.

You will have the pleasure to be seduced by beautiful strolls along the port in the Puerto Madero , recently renovated.
you will also discover: the h
istorical neighbour of Recoleta, one of the most European of de Buenos Aires;
Palermo, rich by its big parcs and artistics areas;
The cultural heritage of San Telmo,

Or the district Belgrano characterized by its special lifestyle.

And others districts again...


Buenos Ai res, or La Reina del Plata, is a live capital, full of monuments, commercial centers, restaurants, coffeehouses, nightclubs that bears dynamism and liking for the party of this city.

  • Monuments Buenos Aires:

1-Place of May 2-The Pink house 3-The Obelisk 4-The Congress

5-Woman's bridge 6-The Bombonera Stadium 7-Colombus Theater

  • Shops, Buenos Aires’ streets, Restaurants, Coffehouses:


Tango is one the most popular dances of Buenos Aires which you can attend, and why no test out.

The football game is a sacred sport where all of the fans follow carefully all match results and wholeheartedly support their team.

You will enjoy the various parties celebrated in the city, as spectacular as each other.


New Year's Day

January 1st

Memory’s National Celebration by the Truth and Justice

April 2nd

Labor Day

May 1st

May Revolution

May 25th

Day of the Falkland Islands

June 10th

Flag Day

June 20th

Independence Day

July 9th

Commemoration of San Martín's death

August 20th

Columbus Day

October 12th

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Desig Buenos Aires
C. Mallorca 273, 1º 2ª (08008)
Barcelone – Espagne

Tel. Buenos Aires:

+5411 4021-0152 de 10h à 14h30
+5411 4771-3161 de 15h à 19h30

Tel. Barcelona:
+34 934 676 774 de 10h à 19h30

Mobile: +34 661 401 979


Go well equipped


Book an apartment suppose a contract and a responsibility. That is the reason why you have to be informed of the general rentals conditions and cancellation of the society.


  • a valide passeport
  • the visa
  • no obligatory vaccine
  • change of currency (pesos argentin or dollars)

Services and offers


Desig proposes to their future tenants numerous additional services in order to facilitate their arrived in Buenos Aires and their stay in the apartment. So that you could solicit:

· Your transportation from the airport to your accommodation

· A mobile phone

· Cleaning service

· Internet


You can also find promotions, reduced prices for the rent of apartments in Buenos Aires, proposed following the periods, what allows you to book cheaper an apartment for economic holidays.

Apartments Rentals

After lots of investigations, the team has known how to respond to the market’ needs. Thus, they have chosen to develop their services in Buenos Aires, an emergent city.

The Federal Capital of Argentina attracts every year thousands of tourists, coming to profit of the charm of thhe town or for business. The issue of accommodation has become a preocuppation to guarantee a wonderful and pleasant trip and make people feel like being at home. So, the apartment has appeared as the best choice.

That is why they have presented to the customers a large selection. The quality of their products reflects the attention to the client in order to satisfy their expectations and desires.

With more than 120 different apartments situated in all the districts of Buenos Aires. Desig will allow you to rent the apartment of your desires thanks to his selection of elegant, design and economic apartments in the localization you will choose.

Perfectly situated, close to the urban transport, you would enjoy the city having chosen by yourself the most convenient apartment.


Buenos Aires Apartments Elegance

Touristic Elegant apartments, comfortable, with a refined decoration and a complete equipment to respond to the highest demand.

From 30$/day

Buenos Aires Apartments Design and Exclusive

Design and Exclusive apartment rentals,last tendencies design. Original decoration and quality, accommodation totally equipped for pleasant holidays in Buenos Aires.

From 27$/day

Apartments Buenos Aires Economic

Basic apartments rentals, all equipped accommodation charming and adapted to your needs, with advantageous prices for your stay in Argentina.

From 17$/day


It is very easy, everything is made online via the web site. You just have to register the data asked in few minutes and you could book the apartment of your choice. The procedure is very well explained so that you can’t be loosed.

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About us...

Desigbuenosaires is a modern society specialised in tourism. Thanks to the dynamism and professionalism of her young team, she has responded to the needs of customers in the market of travels abroad, which keeps growing, and for what the question of accomodation has became a real preoccupation.

Thus, her speciality consists of the rental of temporal apartments - per day, week or month - in Buenos Aires city.
The purpose is to satisfy her clients to make them profit of their stay, having in memory wonderful records of Buenos Aires.

Lodging in an apartment is one of the most interesting alternative nowadays for travellers or businessmen who want to discover the town "deeply", feeling like being at home.
The diference with an hotel is that you preserve your closeness and find a freedom and independence as if you were in your own home.

That is why Desig offers you the oportunity of selecting the apartment of your choice and reserve it onlinein just a few minutes. Comfortable and adapted to your desires, you will feel like in your home in an apartment carefully chosen by the equip, in order to satisfy every one.

A large complete range of apartments is proposed to you, with three diferent categories for everyone' expectations, giving a priority to the comfort, design and convenience.

You will also find additional services and a real good value for money.